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So noted. thanks Cora. Hope to see you before I retire…. (July 1 is the official date!)

Re: Save-the-date by Cheryl PodestaCheryl Podesta, 16 Apr 2010 20:08
Re: Save-the-date
Cora Gangware (guest) 16 Apr 2010 19:48
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4/21 meeting is CANCELLED

Re: Save-the-date by Cora Gangware (guest), 16 Apr 2010 19:48

If anyone is interested in carpooling, please give me a call. Thanks, Cheryl 541-313-7731.

The early-bird registration deadline is fast approaching for “Don’t Count On It.” Register today to avoid a late-registration fee. Tuition is $40 (including lunch) if received before March 20.

This one-day conference is intended for non-profits, local governments, professional grantwriters and media who need to track local trends and who need access to current data to prepare grant applications and other funding requests. The conference will address the “data gap” that is about to be created because Census 2010 will not collect “long form” data for the first time since 1940. Those attending will find out how to use the new American Community Survey to get “real time” information about 78 indicators of community demographics, local economics, social and housing characteristics. An afternoon seminar will also discuss other potential data sources from which the same information can be obtained.

The conference will be in Madras, Oregon, April 1, 2010. For more information contact The Partnership To End Poverty at 541-504-1389 or email gro.ytrevopdneotpihsrentrap|irol#gro.ytrevopdneotpihsrentrap|irol

Re: I need some help
Kate Wells (guest) 30 Dec 2009 18:25
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Hi Ted,

I would encourage you to research how VIM got up and running - that was an amazing capital campaign. I believe the architect was Robyn Holdman. She may have moved from the area but if not it's totally worth looking into. Anothe person to talk to is Susan Schneider at OCF. She has done a few campaigns and knows the players in this arena. Her email is moc.elbacdneb|snasus#moc.elbacdneb|snasus

Good luck!

Re: I need some help by Kate Wells (guest), 30 Dec 2009 18:25

Have any of you been involved in a Capital Campaign? BestCare is looking to start one in our Klamath County region. I have never been involved in one. We'd like to find someone to facilitate the process and we're willing to contract with that person do it.

Do you know anyone who might be a good fit or who has some experience at this sort of thing?

Thanks for any help you can give,

I need some help by TedVTedV, 22 Dec 2009 22:35

1) Call for Proposals: Preventing and Reducing Chronic Diseases through Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Northwest Health Foundation is now requesting proposals that seek to reduce the burden of chronic diseases using CBPR approaches for research and policy change. We are particularly interested in prevention, health promotion, and health disparities research that can lead to changing social, environmental, and behavioral factors impacting health.

This program will award three types of grants:

- Partnership Building
- CBPR Implementation
- Policy Advocacy Dissemination

Award amounts will range from $10,000 to $180,000 for the total project, depending on the scale and duration. Grant periods can be from 12 to 36 months.

Concept papers are due February 1, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.

Note that an informational "webinar" for prospective grantees will be held on January 8, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Information on the webinar, and more information about the application process, is available at the CBPR page of the NWHF website:

NW Health Fdn RFP by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 17 Dec 2009 16:40
City of Bend RFP by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 10 Dec 2009 17:15

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has posted an RFP for the availability of FY 2010 funds for grants to deliver peer-to-peer recovery support services that help prevent relapse and promote sustained recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders. Successful applicants will provide peer-to-peer recovery support services that are responsive to community needs and strengths, and will carry out a performance assessment of these services.

You can see the full RFP here:

RCSP is intended to support peer leaders from the recovery community in providing recovery support services to people in recovery and their family members, and to foster the growth of communities of recovery that will help individuals and families, achieve and sustain long-term recovery.

BestCare is one of 12 organizations nationwide to receive a Accelerating Reform Initiative grant from the NIATx program, part of the Center for Health Enhancement System Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The award will be used in conjunction with BestCare's work on the Central Oregon Health Integration Project (COHIP). Included in the award is a coach to assist COHIP through its planning and ramp up stages, support for peer networking, travel stipends to a national leadership forum, and materieals for distribution to the field nationwide.

BestCare Executive Director Rick Treleaven will be the lead on the NIATx portion of the project.

BestCare gets NIATx grant by TedVTedV, 07 Dec 2009 17:40
Cora GangwareCora Gangware 11 Nov 2009 17:19
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CO Writers Meeting 11/5/09:
Present: Cora G., Ted V., John H., Holly R., Ayva L. Kat M., Cheryl P., Tanya B. Elizabeth S., Rebekah F. Phone: Kathryn N.,
General: Holly noted they had received a large Meyer grant that allowed them to hire John H., in attendance. Cora noted CHC has an Oregon Community Foundation grant in the pipeline.

Health Matters Update:
Rebekah noted they have hired staff for a project that begins in December; they are looking to establish a meetings space. As far as grants, it appears they might receive some state grant monies after the first of the year. They will be looking at larger grant, such as RWJ, and want to form partnership and collaborative work. While they have a particular focus, they are quiet flexible. Living Well for Central Oregon is ahead of the agency’s goals.

CHC Update re: integrated health care initiative:
CHC also has an initiative that they will be looking to RWJ to fund. They are in the throes of an initiative to improve health care for everyone in the region. They want to improve patient experience and the cost of health care. They are currently beginning with physicians and insurance companies prior to expanding their focus. More will be forthcoming on that. Cora also reported they are working Oregon Community Foundation and Northwest Health Foundation, both of which seem quite excited about the initiative. Cora believes this initiative needs to be done on collaboration with those around the table/on the phone line today.

Potential collaborative grants:
Kat asked about an Eli Lilly grant that Health Matters is going for and wanted to know if it could also work to assist them with a diabetes program they need fiscal assistance with. Cora wondered if CHC’s childhood obesity program could help there. There was further discussion on how CHC and/or HealthMatters might work in collaboration on this.

Cheryl talked about nurses training efforts at the community college. The new construction related to the just passed bond, will have a health center.

Projects within organizations that need grant funding:
Ted reported on Recovery Coaches and the effort to fund that program.

Holly reported her agency is beginning a relationship with OHSU. She reported they have lots of data from their screenings and they are looking at a larger-scale study to substantiate universal screenings and long-term impact on children’s lives. Healthy Beginnings is also looking for operational dollars and a family mentoring program. Ayva noted that medical clinic/providers that sign people up for OHP can get resources. Holly wondered what was considered a clinic.

Ted talked about a corporate volunteer web site that matches dollar per dollar with their employee volunteer hours. Kat wants to find funding for dental care.

Rebekah related information about the national dental van and how that might bridge a dental gap. HealthMatters is looking to work with others to create a FQHC dental van for the area; there could be OHP dollars to assist with this. There was considerable discussion around child dental issues.

VIM reported it is currently working on basic medical care, with several categories within that; they are seeing many people who are considering a career in medicine who volunteer to confirm they really want that, but funding for that program is always a challenge. They’d like to get a mental health director to coordinate MH and have independent prescribing authority.

Cora noted the cancer center would like to find ways to help fund lodging, gas, and other ancillary expenses while in treatment to prevent people from not coming to treatment. They have put together a support program, but need assistance to fund that. She also noted some of the funders they’ve been able to access are now looking at agencies they have not yet funded. The heart center has great experiences once people with heart attacks arrive on site, but getting people to St. Charles is a problem. They’d like media campaign funding to assist in educating the community about this. The mother/child program also needs resources for equipment purchases. They also need funding for their sleep center to expand. End of life care needs additional funding to fill that program out. IT services is having difficulty linking information with other partners, and would like to find funding to assist with that.

Ted noted the stimulus dollars the state DHS is looking to purchase might help with that.

Cheryl noted a $50K grant from HP; while her grant was for educational purposes and Ted should get hold of them anyway to see if they could help.

Grant applications currently being worked on: This part of the agenda was skipped.
Grants to be applied in the near term: Skipped.
Other grants relevant to the group: Skipped.

Meetings dates: Cora wanted to nail down the 2010 meetings: Jan. 20, April 21, July 21, Oct 20, all from 3-5.

Standard agenda topics: Kat would like to see successful grants to hand out and review at a show and tell (bring 10-12 copies). Bring people in for specific topic education. Cheryl would like to find a connection for workforce training.

What should the website include? Cora strongly urged people to sign up at the website. All future agendas and minutes—including minutes from this meeting will be posted there.

Who is missing from the group? Ted thought COIC should be in attendance. Zak from Ronald McDonald House; a Mountain Star representative. Holly also noted independent grant writers (Laura Pinkney, Dita Keith, et. al).

Minutes by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 11 Nov 2009 17:19

I successfully deleted the text for the 11/5/09 meeting announcement. But I can't get rid of the "thread title" and "summary."

Can't delete by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 06 Nov 2009 00:35

Please save-the-date for the following quarterly meetings:
Wednesday, 1/20/10, 3-5 p.m. @ Volunteers in Medicine
Wednesday, 4/21/10, 3-5 p.m.
Wednesday, 7/21/10, 3-5 p.m.
Wednesday, 10/20/10, 3-5 p.m.

Save-the-date by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 06 Nov 2009 00:29

seeking health-related grant funding
Meeting 8/27/09

1. Introductions:
•Name and title
•Types of projects your organization funds with grants

2. Collaboration:
•What have you heard from grantmakers about their desire for regional collaboration?
•Has anyone submitted a collaborative grant?
•How did you indicate it was a collaborative effort?
•What was the reception of the funding source?
•What obstacles could collaboration present for our organizations?
•What are some solutions?

3. What benefits could be gained in meeting as a group of grant writers?

4. Do you have concerns about meeting as a group? Does your organization?

5. What’s next?

Please sign in on the clip board or leave your business card.

8/27/09 Meeting Agenda by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 05 Nov 2009 18:56
Cora GangwareCora Gangware 05 Nov 2009 18:52
in discussion General Discussion / Meetings » Minutes

Central Oregon Grant Writers
Minutes of meeting 8/27/09

Attendees: Chance Steffey, LaPine Community Health Center; Ted Viramonte, Best Care Health Services; Kate Wells, Heart Institute of the Cascades; Cheryl Podesta, COCC; Kristy Krugh, Mosaic Medical; Holly Remer, Healthy Beginnings; Cora Gangware, St. Charles Foundation.

1) Introductions:
•Name, title, organization;
•What types of projects each organization funds with grant money.

2) Discussion of collaborating on grant applications:
•All present said that grantmakers are looking for projects that are collaborative with other organizations (when feasible);
•Several in the group have submitted collaborative grant applications;
•Obstacles discussed:
-How grant writers can get “credit” within their organization for collaborating when their organization is not the one receiving the grant funds. Suggestion offered: Grant writers should keep track of these applications, how collaborating helped the collaborator’s organization and the outcome.
-Deciding which organization should receive the grant funds. Suggestion offered: It depends on the grant request.
-How do collaborators assure grant funds are utilized as stated in the grant? Suggestion offered: This should be worked out before collaborating.

3) What benefits could be gained in meeting as a group of grant writers?
-Gaining information about specific topics, such as presenting budgets in an application or how to tap stimulus funds;
-Bring in speakers.
•Problem solving.

4) How often to meet:

5) How to communicate between meetings:
•Develop a web site for the group.
-Done thanks to Ted Viramonte:

Minutes by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 05 Nov 2009 18:52

I hope this finds you all well on this first week of November. I just returned from a Northwest Telehealth Resource Center Board of Directors Meeting in Billings MT. During the meeting we received a briefing from Jon Linkous and staff at the ATA regarding the telehealth provisions of H.R. 3962, the House's combined versions of Health Care Reform. I have attached a summary of the these provisions to this message.

There are two important provisions missing from this bill:

1. The CMS distinction between urban and rural has not been removed. The reason for this is because the Congressional Budget Office attached a $100M price tag to this provision. Since none of the provisions in the reform package are supposed to raise healthcare costs, this provision was not included.

2. There is no privileging by proxy included in the bill. The bill does allow hospitals to accept credentialling packages for providers from hospitals under CMS, but hospitals must continue their own privileging processes. The concern here is not for hospitals as much as for physicians and practitioners. Privileging must be included in every physician's record, and it remains in the record for as long as the physician practices. When a physician practices telemedically, he must be privileged at every hospital receiving services from him telemedically. If a physician moves or if a service is no longer needed at a hospital, or if a physician decides that the cost of maintaining privileges is too high (say he sees only 2 patients per year and pays $1K for privileges), his record will show a loss of privileges at that hospital. A lot of activity on his record may cause payers, malpractice insurers and other hospitals seeking to hire him to question his privileging record. This creates alot of extra work and documentation for practitioners, and they risk of loss of insurance or potential practice opportunities. As a result, some physicians are no longer willing to practice telemedically.

A combined version of the Senate bills is in the works but none of the telehealth provisions are the same as those in the House bill which might actually help when both bills finally reach Conference Committee.

Our advocates in Washington are continuing to work long and hard to see that the provisions remain in the bill and to find some way to get others added. There is always the option to carry forward separate legislation for telemedicine, but it will be much more difficult to get passed than if it is included in the reform packages. I'll try to keep you posted in this fast changing environment. Please let me know if you have questions or comments that can be forwarded either to ATA or TLI.

Kind regards,

Cathy Britain

Catherine S. Britain

NW Telehealth Conference by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 05 Nov 2009 00:25

Central Oregon Grant Writers
Attendees: Tanya Bruce (Pioneer Grantworks); Elizabeth Scott (Pioneer Grantworks); Ted Viramonte (BestCare Treatment Services); Cora Gangware (St. Charles Foundation); Kat Mastrangelo (Volunteers In Medicine); Ayva Larson (Volunteers In Medicine); Rebekah Favia (HealthMatters); Cheryl Podesta (COCC); Holly Remer (Healthy Beginnings); Donor Associate (name?) (Healthy Beginnings); Diana Hergenrader (LaPine Community Clinic)—phone-in; Stacey Yeager (LaPine CC)—phone-in; Kathryn Nunley (DHS)—phone-in
Not able to attend: Kristy Krugh (Mosaic Medical); Kate Wells (Heart Institute of the Cascades); Beth Quinn (Cascade Peer & Self-Help Center); Judith Ure (Deschutes County Health Services).

• 1st meeting 8/27/09
• Agreed to meet quarterly
• Agreed to collaborate on grant opportunities as relevant

1. HealthMatters update

2. St. Charles update regarding integrated health care initiative

3. What grants are you aware of that are potentially suitable for collaboration?

4. Tell us about projects in your organization that need grant funding

5. What grant applications are currently in the works for your organization?

6. What grants will you apply for in the near future?

7. What grants are you aware of that you’re not applying for that might be relevant to the group?

8. Open discussion

1. Meeting dates: Let’s set them for 2010

2. What should be our standard agenda topics?

3. How is our web site working for you?

4. What should our web site include? Ideas:
Grant opportunity announcements
Grant workshop details
General grant-related information
Questions for group input
C.O. Grant Writers meeting announcements
C.O. Grant Writers meeting minutes

5. Who is missing on our list of C.O. Grant Writers?

11/5/09 Meeting Agenda by Cora GangwareCora Gangware, 04 Nov 2009 22:42

What do we know about recovery of giving after recessions/depressions? October 27, 2009
The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University has just published a report in GivingUSA Spotlight analyzing its research on charitable giving after The Great Depression and more recent economic recessions, including the one nonprofit organizations are facing now.

The report concludes that "If the recovery of individual giving after the Depression and after the 1973-1975 recession is any indication of what to expect, it is likely that donations from households and individuals will not reach their 2007 levels until at least three years after the end of the current recession, when measured in inflation-adjusted dollars."

The report also makes recommendations to best prepare for post-recession fundraising:
*Assess what kind of your orgnaization's fundraising yields best returns
*Shift resources from lower performing activities to those with best returns
*Lay groundwork for a planned giving program
*Keep telling stories about your organization's success and impact
*Invest in learning new approaches to fundraising
*Remain in touch with your most reliable donors

High Desert Funding & Grantseeking Conference
November 6, 2009 8:00 to 4:30
North Redmond Station Conference Center
1857 NW 6th St., Redmond
$35 until 10/23; $45 after 10/23

Organized by Partnership to End Poverty

Foundations that have committed to attend include: OCF, Meyer Memorial Trust, James F. and Marion Miller Foundation, Collins Foundation, Ford Family Foundation, US Bancorp Foundation and Jubitz Family Foundation.

You can access the registration form by clicking here and scrolling down.

Sorry, the registration form does not include a phone number or email address for Partnership to End Poverty.

Nov., 6 Funding/.Grant Conference by TedVTedV, 26 Oct 2009 17:33
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